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Why the tin foil hat?


Mike Chrome asked me this question a while ago. Having imbibed 2 pints more than my usual dose, I spewed some bullshit and fluffed my lines, so I’ll try again.


It seems the tin foil hat is a signifier to some, a bridge across the loneliness many of us filthy unvaxxed feel. being on the end of a righteous liberal purge. Being on the wrong side of the “official narrative” and many of our dear friends. The spectre of censorship and self censorship stains our good relations. The hat is a joke. A deadly serious joke.  I’m wondering if for some it seems a threat! 


The Hat! Tin foil. A paranoid schizophrenic cliche. For those who hold outlandish, exaggerated fears of persecution and threat. Fears of being mind controlled. And the delusional notion that a thin layer of tin foil will keep all that threat at bay.


The narrative, “The Science”TM and the mainstream seems to have voided itself of any discourse. “The facts are settled.” We are experiencing a mono narrative. It appears there is a concerted effort to influence what I think and what I understand as fact. Any questioning is an expression of at best “hesitancy”. If the official narrative is more aggressively interrogated or disputed, then you will surely be consigned to the silo marked “tin foil hat conspiracy theorist, anti vax super spreader ”. All those pejoratives rooted in a thoroughly scientific analysis.


So wearing a tin foil hat is a signal saying I do not subscribe to the official narrative. I do not subscribe to the officially correct responses to the crisis’s. And I’m really willing to talk about it for ages and ages. I’m not happy to be silenced or disallowed my right to dissent from “The (so called) Science” or the conventional wisdom. 


The official narrative built on pillars of sand means any questioning and dissent has to be dismissed, silenced and banished to the margins. The coherence unravels, all that holds it together is repetition, slogans and censorship. The vest is so full of holes there isn’t a vest anymore, so sayeth Carol Hunter our piano player.


To listen to BBC radio 4 is to subject yourself to a psychological assault, the ludicrous and vapid mouthing’s of overpaid media slaves. BBC news delivers psychosis like soft furnishings and fitted carpets. We are being spoon fed vanilla flavoured shit. No wonder the culture is insane. This endless gas lighting and patronising leaves little wonder.



here’s a few questions…

Do PCR tests work?

What is Emergency Licensing for using untested drugs

Why are so many whistleblowing doctors (straight doctors not hippy doctors) Removed from You tube.

Why inject healthy people with experimental gene therapy

What’s wrong with natural immunity

How much did Pfizer make this year?

How much did they pay in fines last year?

Who’s got shares in them?

Who funds the organisation that authorises the emergency licensing of said vaccine/gene therapy?

Isn’t that a conflict of interest?

Why haven’t The Guardian or the BBC bought up such conflicts of interest through their “investigative journalism remit?

Who funds the Guardian and the BBC?

We know politicians are liars. We know most journalists are liars. We know most corporate bodies are criminal. We know the “system” is corrupt. Then why do we suck up these slogans. “safe and effective”. “No causal link” or “the benefits outweigh the risks”?

What else???????


I’ve not heard a satisfactory explanation so I’ll keep wearing my tin foil hat and keep on talking and listening.


Oh yes. So my take on the C19 caper flipped a fair while ago. So minds do change however deluded and wrongheaded that maybe. I take comfort in this evidence of flexibility…

Posted By jonnyP

11am Saturday July 3rd @ The Walks Kings Lynn..Les and John are the bands delegates tomorrow morning as the folk of Lynn campaign to save their hospital from decay and downgrading. We've mustered a short set with the aid of a distortion pedal . A Drum n' bass duo. Glad to be sharing the mic with Jeremy Corbyn, Emily Blake, Sam Cook, Jo Rust, Pallavi Devulapalli, Gordon Taylor and Diarmuid Tiernan 

It's a complex world, so when I wish this campaign success. I also wish for the building contractor not to screw things up and stiff us for cost overuns. For surely they'll try it on. And maybe drop the QE2 business. How about the Kings Lynn Hospital of integrated medicine? Then my neighbour won't have to schlepp down to the London NHS hospital of integrated medicine for her cancer treatment that may head off chemotherapy. Yes the consultaion comes care of the NHS but the treatment isn't covered. Finally may big Pharma get it's knee off our neck

Posted By jonnyP

This is the first two released tracks recorded over 2019 by the Band at Perfect World Studios in West Norfolk. Working For the Man features Piano from Carol Hunter and guitars from Brian Eade with John Preston on vocals. Lockdown meant we couldn't experiment with bass and percussion. But Les Chappell percussionist and perfect world engineer declared the track finished after Brian emailed him some haunting pedal steel guitar. Available on bandcamp.


White Trash features; Les Chappell, Drums, percussion: Brian Eade, many guitars: Carol Hunter, Piano and John Preston Bass and Vox


The videos appropriate some of the bands performance props. E.g. the use of song titles on cardboard boxes has extended into collage and newspaper hacking. The performer sings to the monitor camera in lockdown in a strawbale shack in West Norfolk. Nicking old gig shots and family photo's. And learning to edit on the job. It feels the limitations of this predicament have enriched the process of finalising this project.


We seem to make enough money to pay the next website hosting bill. It would be nice to reach more listeners but in the main a more wholesome culture is our aspiration..



EP "Reduced to clear” 2010

Download “No Incinerator” 2011

Single Download/video fUKt 2013

CD “Ruling Class” 2013

Single Download/Video “Our Very last Dance” 2016

Single Download/Video “Not For Me” 2017

Album Download “Ruling Class” 2017

Single Download "2MuchAg" 2018


Visit our website impeccably crafted by Andy Smith



Posted By jonnyP

“Eat out catch a virus!” As power continues to delegitimise itself via venality, greed, cruelty and incompetence the UK govt. have arrived at the only option left. Gimmicks and empty slogans, these last miserable celebrations of death culture will be like bad re runs, followed up with a bad cough. “Eat out to help out” sticks a fiver in your pocket so you can go and have a “full English Covid”. With a pat on the head from Rishi 12 houses Sunak. This novel strategy brings in an era of Govt. by special offer. The Tories will ditch the “Manifesto” at the next General Election in favour of a catalogue filled with coupons and QR codes, offering free entry to fun places like Chessington world of adventure where you can get a free Covid test and not receive the results. Vouchers for Weatherspoons and Greggs. Discount sporting events, cruises and other forms of high risk entertainment. Meanwhile Labour with produce 500 pages of “Rational evidence based policy”, procedures, protocols, rules and guidelines. The Tories will thrash us yet again…This is dystopia, It doesn’t look like it does in the movies. No rugged individualist fighting off zombies in a wrecked metropolis. No. Dystopia is grabbing a cheap bad sandwich in bad clothes and really regretting it when the second spike bites. Dystopia is failing to respect deadly consequences and supplanting courage with stupidity.


I’ll be eating in and working on our next Video “White Trash”. May go for a double bubble release in August, when Working For the Man will be available for download and viewing…. X J

Posted By jonnyP

The fun graph obviously indicates the possibility of a scary winter. More like terrible winter. But looking into the near future August looks pretty shit if you ask me. No wonder the govt. are increasing mortuary capacity.


What do we do with this as we drift towards pseudo normal? Trying to relive the halcyon days of shopping paradise, drifting around in search of that endorphine fix from a purchase, or buying kebabs with shedded Virus droplets and chilli sauce.


We're ready to go, go, gone. Who's being had?


We hope to have "Working for the Man" on release prior to this eventuality.


X jonny