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April 24th   Dear Bubbles, Farewell and thank you for your friendship and excellent cat teachings, Arriving here in our neighbourhood at The Hollow, many years ago with your loving ‘people’ Katy and Ollie, you were somewhat scratchy and jumpy along with your propensity for purring. This was understandable, you came from a rough estate in an area of known “rural deprivation”. And of course most of us humans can only imagine the instinct injury from early parental separation, which seems to be the lot of the house cat.


Coming here you fell on you feet as cats do. A spacious enclave of garden wilderness, with much cover for hunting, prowling and sleeping. Over time you became a master of all three. An excellent ratter, which was an essential service. You couldn’t be talked out of snatching the occasional bird, (not so popular). But on the whole you seemed to sense we favoured your rat work which was peerless. However this paradise at the Hollow was a tough and arduous territory for you to protect from interlopers. Many a night we heard yowling as you faced off Major Tom and Chairman Meow and more recently that huge fluffy tabby that gave you a few deep wounds. One of those I wonder did it turn into your tumour? You successfully saw off all three, giving your all to what must only be in cat terms, a matter of life and death. I remember seeing you set to with Major Tom on the steep bank, the two of you locked in as a huge black and ginger cat ball that rolled with speed and ferocity down the bank.


You attended community meetings that seemed important to you. However you were often distracted by your erotic attachment to our sofa hanging. Scratching, rubbing and biting took you off agenda. You once attended Thursday morning Zen meditation, entering through the window to join us as the group sat still and silent. Just the once, maybe that was enough and you attained enlightenment with that single effort. 


You offered a Zen teaching one summer as a priest and a group of practitioners sat in the garden earnestly discussing UK Soto Zen. You somewhat showily leapt the chicken fence from a seated position with such cool and grace. Then loped over to greet each of us one by one. moving around the circle purring and rubbing as you always did. Ingen our guest Zen priest cited your performance as the highlight of the weekend. We talked, you walked.


You passed away well living with the scars of the many spectacular fights as you protected this patch of earth. before you entered retirement by the cat mint or on a pile of warm leaves, anywhere that seemed fitting for your incredible talent for rest.


You were my favourite cat as if preference matters. Objectively the best cat in the world, I’m sorry this matter is not up for discussion. Bubbles will rest in peace as he’d already mastered that art, before the mercy injection Thursday afternoon. There’s a gap in The Hollow where we will place our sorrow, love and memories for you…XXX Jonny