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When the world Health organisation comes out in praise of the Chinese handling of the “The Virus”, you’ve got to wonder.1) Are they the only outfit that believes Chinese statistics. 2) The “non medical” interventions, which may well be appropriate amount to marshall law. 


When the BBC gets eminent actors to instruct us how to wash hands and greet friends without sharing germs over a cheesy operatic score. You can trust your chain is being yanked. 


And when the orange Trump declares “The Virus” is contained. You know it’s not. 


And when he puts dim witted Apocalypse Pence in charge of virus response. You can trust no one knows what to do and it’s going to get worse.


Carol dropped by to an earily quiet Waitrose  yesterday. Not coz she’s posh, they do the best reduction whoopsie’s. There’d been a run on Dettol and loo Roll. We guess our neighbours are disinfecting the door handles and planning to shit at home for a few weeks.. 


Here’s an anecdote from my fave Jim Kunstler.  “The action in my local supermarket yesterday had an undercurrent of stealth desperation; no overt panic buying, no fighting in the aisles, but an edge of suspense. Personally, I cleaned out an entire product-line of cat food, loaded up on cooking oil, rice, dry beans, and evaporated milk — and I wasn’t the only one checking out with the sixteen-roll bindle of toilet paper. Obviously, many products were still there on the shelves to get (minus that cat food). Is the time perhaps at hand when a lot of stuff won’t be? Just sayin’.” (Check out Clusterfuck Nation for more mirth).


I’ll be venturing into the public domain this Friday. Playing some toons with Hodmedod for Norfolk Celidh’s at the John Innes Centre Norwich. I may wear gloves till I start twangin’, but I’ll skip the mask. So if you fancy a dance and don’t mind holding strangers hands, do drop in.


For further Corona study look no further than the 1970’s classic Survivors episode one…..

Posted By jonnyP

Monday May 27th, A plug for my dear sister Christine Preston’s birthday, Happy continuation. X J This was in mind three days ago back in Filth and Fury Studios with Mr Les Chappell and the Band. A lot of songs to do following on from last years “2much Ag” or rough and ready take down of Norfolks Chicken torture industry. But first off today some unfinished business. Tins and Guns was recorded at about the same time as Our Very Last Dance, with Mark Fawcett’s last guitar statements with the band, but we never quite finished the job. It need a few more bars of piano from Carol and some guitar adventures from Brian picking up from where marks instrumental left off. An affectionate baton change between two fine players, and friends. 


Tins n’ Guns is a vision of prepping paranoia and selfish narratives born out of fear of our own inevitable demise. This fear of death turning to a death cult that seems to have morphed into an extinction cult. We all harbour somewhere a survival fantasy. What’s yours? X John

Brian and Les, on the mixBrian and Les, on the mix
Brian and Les, on the mix
Note for Tins and Guns
Note for Tins and Guns