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11am Saturday July 3rd @ The Walks Kings Lynn..Les and John are the bands delegates tomorrow morning as the folk of Lynn campaign to save their hospital from decay and downgrading. We've mustered a short set with the aid of a distortion pedal . A Drum n' bass duo. Glad to be sharing the mic with Jeremy Corbyn, Emily Blake, Sam Cook, Jo Rust, Pallavi Devulapalli, Gordon Taylor and Diarmuid Tiernan 

It's a complex world, so when I wish this campaign success. I also wish for the building contractor not to screw things up and stiff us for cost overuns. For surely they'll try it on. And maybe drop the QE2 business. How about the Kings Lynn Hospital of integrated medicine? Then my neighbour won't have to schlepp down to the London NHS hospital of integrated medicine for her cancer treatment that may head off chemotherapy. Yes the consultaion comes care of the NHS but the treatment isn't covered. Finally may big Pharma get it's knee off our neck