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Notes from the front line.


The thoughts of Comrade Brian….


Our guitarist Brian like many of us has had his front line redrawn. He sent me this message a few days ago. Life at home eh!


“Hi John the music service have suspended lessons only after schools had already closed to visitors though! So I am here tackling my summer holiday to do list early, plus some home recording! Bought the “Survivors” on DVD following your recommendation, the first episode actually freaked Sarah out, which added to the entertainment value, both hooked now, lots of british bit actors to remember the names of too, who then die! I’ve never tried Skype, is it a breakfast cereal like Force or Special K? I’m game to give it a go, if you are. Glad to be home away from people suddenly starting to tell me what a great leader Bojo has turned out to be, 3 last week, they must be really ill, so lets all hope further disaster befalling the uk, to prove us lefties right and the righties left holding the baby.”


How we finish the Album is going to be a bit tricky.


“This time the front line is coming to your door” JPTB They’re coming to get you. ..the first episode "freaked Sarah out"