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This is the first two released tracks recorded over 2019 by the Band at Perfect World Studios in West Norfolk. Working For the Man features Piano from Carol Hunter and guitars from Brian Eade with John Preston on vocals. Lockdown meant we couldn't experiment with bass and percussion. But Les Chappell percussionist and perfect world engineer declared the track finished after Brian emailed him some haunting pedal steel guitar. Available on bandcamp.


White Trash features; Les Chappell, Drums, percussion: Brian Eade, many guitars: Carol Hunter, Piano and John Preston Bass and Vox


The videos appropriate some of the bands performance props. E.g. the use of song titles on cardboard boxes has extended into collage and newspaper hacking. The performer sings to the monitor camera in lockdown in a strawbale shack in West Norfolk. Nicking old gig shots and family photo's. And learning to edit on the job. It feels the limitations of this predicament have enriched the process of finalising this project.


We seem to make enough money to pay the next website hosting bill. It would be nice to reach more listeners but in the main a more wholesome culture is our aspiration..



EP "Reduced to clear” 2010

Download “No Incinerator” 2011

Single Download/video fUKt 2013

CD “Ruling Class” 2013

Single Download/Video “Our Very last Dance” 2016

Single Download/Video “Not For Me” 2017

Album Download “Ruling Class” 2017

Single Download "2MuchAg" 2018


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