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“Have you made any preparations?” line four, second verse of fUKt. A question. An ominous question. What could one possibly do to prepare for the “clusterfuck”. As business as usual is anything but “strong and stable”. To counter the erroneous criticisms I hear, inferring our songs are “Dark” or “negative”. I’d suggest we are simply offering early warning signals with the odd joke. Or more likely confirming what you know but don’t like to think about. No worries we’re here to help. Well something can be done and while we are about it we can love it. Here’s an example of “preparations”. Two weeks ago Carol (JPTB Pianist) peeled back the protective fleece to reveal a salad bed of extravagant health and beauty. Many types of Lettuce, Moroccan Cress, Rocket, Endive and Spinach. Not only a utilitarian response but also a thing of beauty. The pick as you go leaves swirl and nestle together as do Carol’s mellifluous piano lines grace our songs. It’s not only preparation, growing salad can be an expression of beauty and an act of defiance. Today’s top tip to balance those inner voices of despair and hopelessness and the noise of the lies drenching the airwaves. The John Preston Tribute Band are “making preparations” for Their June 9th single launch @ http://castleacre-villagehall.weebly.comSalad resistanceSalad resistance

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