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Coronavirus online study 2

Get gardening the great unravelling is upon us?


1) Astragalus in short supply

2) The real seed company report a surge in sales

3) We’re getting the potato planters ready and beans and winter squash will follow. Would have done so anyway, such a joy.

4) As intuited in last weeks blog the toilet roll economy is booming. The only one that is

5) Who knows? Some say “it’s just like flu”.  Others say “It’s more virulent”. Alarmist or complacent is perhaps beside the point. The immune system of the Global economy and energy systems is a shot to pieces as is the ecosystem. It could only take a cough.


Here’s what Jim Kunstler’s gardening tips are for what Joanna Macy calls “The great unravelling”

“We’re lucky for one thing: this crisis of advanced civilization is striking at the very start of the planting season. If you’re prudent, you can begin at once to organize serious gardening efforts, if you live in a part of the country where that is possible. I’d go heavy on the potatoes, cabbages, winter squashes, and beans, because they’re all keepers over winter.”


And finally your online study for this week is   Check Abby Grants speech 20 mins in as she details the consequences of supply chain collapse and how complex culture will lose it’s ability to replicate itself. 


“All familiar will unfold” Ch2 fUKt


New songs on the way. X jonny

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