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Posted By jonnyP

Mon march 16th 2020


“Beware the ides of March”


It’s taken three or four days to notice what is missing from the soundscape as the Covid induced quietening of our calamity culture deepens. I realise, no aeroplanes, RAF Marham has never sounded better. The daily sonic assault of Top Gun wannabe’s has been grounded. Maybe for crash courses in deep cleaning.


I’ve been reading, writing, singing and whining about systemic collapse for fifteen, twenty years now. And I feel in a state of disbelief as I watch scenario’s unfold that have been predicted and mapped out by greater minds than I for many years. We are seeing a systemic collapse of the global supply chain. The fossil fuel dependancy hitting the skids. This messy party can’t go on. The laws of entropy and limits will prevail and the complex mechanisms that we’ve foolishly assumed will continue to fill us up on cheesy doodles and hob knobs will cease up.


Is it really happening? Not a war, revolution or riots. It seems civilisation ain’t going out with a bang but with a hush! I pinch myself, is this just a brief time out? The bypass still hums the chicken feed mill groans on. But birdsong, voices, and animal barks and grunts are up in the mix this spring Monday afternoon. Then, hark the first two jets of the day rumble far above.


Rob wallace, explains. It’s big farming wot dun it.

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